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Racquel Cousins’ Biography

Racquel A. Cousins’ drive and passion for advocating for people’s rights has led her to pursue a career as an attorney. Ms. Cousins’ legal education began at the University of the West Indies where she completed her BA in History and Political Science. She later obtained her Juris Doctor (Bachelor of Laws) at the Norman Manley Law School in Kingston, Jamaica and subsequent admittance to the Jamaica Bar in November, 2001.

After being admitted to the Jamaica Bar, Ms. Cousins emigrated to New York in 2002. She studied for and passed the New York Bar on her first attempt and obtained her licensed to practice law in the state of New York on May 1, 2003.

Ms. Cousins started practicing law in New York State in 2003 and was employed to the Nassau County Legal Aid Society, Criminal Defense Division, where she gained the necessary experience for handling criminal cases. During her time at the Nassau County Legal Aid Society, Ms. Cousins realized that there was a need for quality legal representation wherein each case could get the individualized, personal attention it deserved at an affordable cost to clients. This realization prompted Ms. Cousins to open her own private firm on May 1, 2004.

Since the firm’s establishment Ms. Cousins has gained extensive experience in practicing in other areas of law, not limited to but including Family/Matrimonial Law, Immigration Law, and Landlord/ Tenant Matters. As such the firm has continued to provide its’ clients with quality legal representation at an affordable cost.

Legal experience, assertiveness, professionalism and diligence are very important criteria to consider when selecting an attorney to represent you on your case and Racquel A. Cousins definitely possesses those essential qualities.

Jason Baxter’s Biography

Jason Baxter

  • Graduated from University of Rochester in 2000
  • Graduated from William & Mary Law School in 2004
  • Admitted to the New York State Bar in 2005
  • Admitted to the United States Southern District Court in 2006

Experienced in civil rights litigation including false arrest. Have obtained a jury verdict in a false arrest case for over $400,000.00, and successfully defended my clients right to freedom of speech in an internet publication case involving the first internet fashion magazine.

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Successful Outcomes

Felony cases dismissed at Grand Jury
  • People v. D. Francis, 2009
  • People v. L. Parker, 2008
  • People v. J. Lenohan, 2006
Cases reduced from felonies to violations.
  • People v. John G., 2008
  • People v. Andrew W., 2009
Speedy Trial dismissals for Felonies
  • People v. Gary. G, 2007
  • People v. Saeed F., 2009
  • People v. William B., 2009
Won Custody Cases
  • White v. Whittaker, 2006
  • Batroni v. Mesidor, 2007
Got Visitation for Fathers
  • Boyce v. Boyce, 2009
  • Aboubacar v. Clerphon, 2008
Child Support Reductions
  • Delorme v. Delorme, 2009
  • Waite v. Boswell, 2009
Obtained Maintenance for Spouses
  • Layne v. Layne, 2007
Return of child to mother in child abuse proceeding
  • Gelin/Child v. Gelin, 2007