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Firm Overview

The Law Offices of Racquel A. Cousins is a New York City law firm that primarily focuses on family law, criminal law, immigration law and landlord/tenant matters. Our practice caters mainly for the individual and our mission is to provide quality and effective legal representation to our clients at an affordable cost. We care about the quality of our work performance and that is why we put real effort into to ensuring that we achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Our extensive criminal law practice encompasses working on criminal cases involving serious felonies to misdemeanors in the New York state courts. We have successfully advocated for our clients and secured favorable outcomes on their criminal cases for the past 10 years. Getting arrested can have a serious effect on your life, as such, it is very important that you seek out an experienced attorney how will fight for you and defend your rights in court.

Our firm’s family law practice entails working on divorces, custody, child support, child neglect/abuse and all other family law matters. Our experience includes successfully settling divorces, winning divorce trials, winning custody trials and visitation for fathers, reduction of child support for fathers and upward child support modification for mothers.

Our firm’s immigration law experience includes working on relative petitions and adjustment of status applications to help families migrate to the U.S. and also working on citizenship applications to help permanent residents obtain U.S. citizenship.

Over the years we have also garnered experience working on landlord/tenant matters during which time we have helped landlords secure warrants for eviction against non paying tenants and we have also helped tenants avoid eviction in proceedings concerning residential and commercial properties.

The Law Offices of Racquel A. Cousins, Esq. brings to our clients the combination of quality legal representation, professionalism, excellent client service and affordable legal fees. We provide FREE consultations on all criminal, immigration and landlord/tenant matters. Customized payment plans are always available for our clients and we accept debit/credit card payments. Call our office today at 212-385-0097 to set up your appointment.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Thursday 8:30 - 7:00pm
Fridays 9:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday & Sunday Appointments Only

Successful Outcomes

Felony cases dismissed at Grand Jury
  • People v. D. Francis, 2009
  • People v. L. Parker, 2008
  • People v. J. Lenohan, 2006
Cases reduced from felonies to violations.
  • People v. John G., 2008
  • People v. Andrew W., 2009
Speedy Trial dismissals for Felonies
  • People v. Gary. G, 2007
  • People v. Saeed F., 2009
  • People v. William B., 2009
Won Custody Cases
  • White v. Whittaker, 2006
  • Batroni v. Mesidor, 2007
Got Visitation for Fathers
  • Boyce v. Boyce, 2009
  • Aboubacar v. Clerphon, 2008
Child Support Reductions
  • Delorme v. Delorme, 2009
  • Waite v. Boswell, 2009
Obtained Maintenance for Spouses
  • Layne v. Layne, 2007
Return of child to mother in child abuse proceeding
  • Gelin/Child v. Gelin, 2007