Aja P.
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Aja P.

I sought Ms. Cousins services after she handled my brother’s criminal court case. She came highly recommended to us by a family friend and was excellent in handling in my brother’s case (charges were reduced and everything settled). I enlisted Ms. Cousins services after switching jobs and no longer having prepaid legal services through my union. My daughter’s father and I were in the middle of an almost 2 year (2007-2009) custody and child support battle. Ms. Cousins not only stepped in midway thru the case but she also had everything prepared for court. She was kind and caring but very professional. The judge even commended her on writing our custody order, which is still in effect. Ms. Cousins “rocked” in court, even my daughter’s father and his attorney were impressed. She had counter motions prepared and ready to be submitted if needed. Had to enlist her services again (in 2011) when my daughter’s father took me back to court again for changes to our visitation agreement. Again Ms. Cousins performance was outstanding, drafting our current visitation agreement and again being complemented by the judge. Ms. Cousins made me feel very comfortable, like a friend, she kept my daughter’s well being as the focal point but it is her professionalism, knowledge and tenacity as an attorney that I seek her for my legal needs. I highly recommend Ms. Racquel Cousins.

Aja P.

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Felony cases dismissed at Grand Jury
  • People v. D. Francis, 2009
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  • People v. J. Lenohan, 2006
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  • People v. John G., 2008
  • People v. Andrew W., 2009
Speedy Trial dismissals for Felonies
  • People v. Gary. G, 2007
  • People v. Saeed F., 2009
  • People v. William B., 2009
Won Custody Cases
  • White v. Whittaker, 2006
  • Batroni v. Mesidor, 2007
Got Visitation for Fathers
  • Boyce v. Boyce, 2009
  • Aboubacar v. Clerphon, 2008
Child Support Reductions
  • Delorme v. Delorme, 2009
  • Waite v. Boswell, 2009
Obtained Maintenance for Spouses
  • Layne v. Layne, 2007
Return of child to mother in child abuse proceeding
  • Gelin/Child v. Gelin, 2007