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Deborah D.Brooklyn, NY

by Deborah at yelp.com
Racquel Cousins assisted me with my divorce case and I came out victorious…..

Ryan B.Jacksonville, FL

by Ryan at yelp.com
The Law Offices of Racquel A. Cousins was very helpful and definitely made a difficult process as smooth as it could have been. Their communication was excellent from start to finish (even when I was overseas). They were very open and honest and it was very clear that they intended to represent me the best way they could. They were highly reliable and have done everything they stated they would do. They have my highest regards and I would highly recommend their services.

Racquel and Kerese, you always helped me out and definitely made the process less stressful for me. I cannot say thank you enough. Keep up the excellent work that you guys are doing, especially for the good people that are in bad situations.

Lynn G.East Stroudsburg, PA

by Lynn at yelp.com
Racquel Cousins has helped my husband through some very difficult times. She has a remarkable memory and has the ability to listen and understand a situation and be able to get that point across succinctly. She truly cares about her clients and treats them as human beings and not just numbers. Her help and compassion always gives us hope and is refreshing in the world we live in today.

Andre B.Brooklyn, NY

by Andre at yelp.com
I would refer Ms. Cousins to anyone who’s looking for an excellent,straight talk, no none sense attorney. I was in trouble with the law with serious charges staked against me. I retained Ms. Cousins for the case. She was straight with me, she give me a outlook on the entire case letting me know my changes and outcome. She’s great. We won the case and all the charges was dropped. She standed by me even when I thought it wouldn’t ended well.

Sean S.Brooklyn, NY

by Sean at yelp.com
Racquel is a professional that’s out to do and get the best results for her clients. Her service is first rated and she was very accessible for the duration of my case; I was able to make contact and speak with her readily. She’s a true professional who’s not about money, but working in the interest of her clients and securing the best results possible for them.

She’s a subject matter expert as its related to matrimonial/family law and a pleasure to work with. Keep up the good works Ms. Cousins.

Norman M.Bronx, NY

by Norman at yelp.com
I’ve been blessed over and above to have the serves of Ms. Racquel Cousins at my disposition last year for a situation which seemed otherwise very hopeless for me. Even I, myself was very pessimistic about the outcome of my circumstances. However, Ms. Cousins came at the recommendation of another attorney, who at the time, didn’t give me much hope, if any. I’m a God fearing man, who staunchly believes in his grace and mercy. I also believes that he works through those that are available and willing. My review is not about a woman’s faith.This is about her level of professionalism and genuine care about her clients. She was compensated for her legal services. In turn, I was blessed be her knowledge of her industry, her professionalism, her high level of sensitivity and attention to my cares, concerns (some of which she dispelled simply by her level of confidence), and fears of the worst case possible outcomes. This woman listens patiently. She observes keenly. She’s very pleasant in nature and a tiger in her business. Her presence alone commands a level of respect that generally doesn’t come easily to females in a area of business. I’ll even speak to the level of competence in her office manager, Kerese. Ms. Cousins is on time and on point. Ms. Cousins took on my situation and ran at top speed from the first encounter and turned my situation around completely. Do not be deceived. My situation was a challenge for her. I can not show this woman just how much of the godsend that she has been, other than to share this with you (the reader of this review). Ms. Cousins did not take on my situation for the payday. For her, it was personal, considering that she had never met me prior to our first meeting. She wasn’t judgmental, nor is she someone I’d personally care to compete against. And I’m not a person who gives care to any seeming inability to handle my own business adequately, at least, when necessary. But we all need help at times because we don’t know it all, and can’t do it all. There will come a time when you’ll need legal representation. I pray that you don’t. However, don’t take any chances with any dire situation of yours that requires legal representation. The Law of Racquel Cousins is the answer. Period!!! I don’t wish to ever need an attorney again in life. However, since I’m aware that life has unforeseen circumstances which will happen, I will forever, remember this woman and seek her out (whether I still reside in NY or not) because my best chances are more guaranteed to me, in her hands, than not. For the record, I know nothings guaranteed, and she’s very much up front about that. Nonetheless, once you’ve had you initial consultation with her; you’ll no longer question my review. Need an attorney, cut down on the chances that you have to take in life. As far as I’m concerned, the Law Offices of Racquel Cousins is where you want to be. My name is Norman Mingo, Sr., and I will stand up for this woman’s character, ability and professionalism. By the way, I didn’t say why I obtained her serves, because she’s well versed in several areas of law and it doesn’t matter for her. In layman terms, this female attorney is extremely good at what she does, and she keeps it real. Furthermore, as a side note, she’ll soon be a certified Minority Woman-owned Business with the City of New York. If you’re a business and need legal representation, well I’ve said enough and you’ve read enough. Pick up your phone today; (212) 385-0097. I did. Thank you, Ms. Cousins and God Bless You.

Darryl T.Plainfield, NJ

by Darryl at yelp.com
I retained Ms Cousins to represent me in a very
Contentious and difficult child support matter.

When we first met,I was angry and very uncertain of how my case
Would turn out.

Ms Cousins and her assistant Kerese Sat and spoke with me
During my lunch hour,and assured me that not only did I have a valid
Case,but there was no merit to the other parties claims.
She shared my anger.

I left her office ,fully confident that we would win.

We did win!!

Ms Cousins represented me in court,and helped me through
Some very personal,health related issues as well.

I would Like to think,that not only did I gain the professional
Skills of a great Attorney,but that I made a new friend,also

Her rates are reasonable,and she is always there to assist you,or answer
Any questions.


Stephan S.Brooklyn, NY

by Stephan at yelp.com
Ms. Cousins is very engaging and knowledgable which allow her to give you the level of confidence to ease your anxiety. She ensures you are informed and understand your exposure. Her staff member is equally attentive to all your concerns. Collectively they are about your best interest and would literally make their way through a snow storm to represent you. Their dedication to me as a client was heartfelt and unwavering. Needless to say the final outcome was gratifying.

Nicole G.Cambria Heights, NY

by Nicole at yelp.com
I strongly recommend the Law Offices of Racquel A. Cousins, ESQ. for any legal matters. Racquel represented me with my case and she showed professionalism and expertise along with being skilled and exceptional at her craft.

Delerue T.Hempstead, NY

by Delerue at yelp.com
Racquel Cousins and her staff provided professional and courteous service.
They guided me step by step through my divorce process, and addressed all my concerns. I would truly recommend their service.

D Ayana A.Brooklyn, NY

by Ayana at yelp.com
Racquel Cousins and her law office made the sale of my apartment a seamless process. I would recommend her office because they are competent and extremely professional.

Jessica S.Brooklyn, NY

by Jessica at yelp.com
Ms. Cousins is a great attorney. She is excellent at what she does and I highly recommended her.

Paul I.Brooklyn, NY

by Paul at yelp.com
I know Racquel Cousins. She is a true professional, a great attorney. She always gets the job done!

Very Dedicated To Her Profession

by Omar C at Ratebiz.com
I found Ms Cousins to be a very dedicated and professional lawyer who works deligently to provide the services I required. I felt like I was her only client based on the attention I received. I would definitely use her services again and recommend her to all my friends.

Top Notch

by Carletha at Ratebiz.com
Attorney Cousins is not only a great attorney but also a wonderful person. She is welcoming and friendly to clients and always gets the sought after results. She will fight for you till the end. I frequently recommend her services and have always heard positive feedback from those referrals. I will continue to recommend her and refer clients to her.

by Aja P. at Ratebiz.com
I sought Ms. Cousins services after she handled my brother’s criminal court case. She came highly recommended to us by a family friend and was excellent in handling in my brother’s case (charges were reduced and everything settled). I enlisted Ms. Cousins services after switching jobs and no longer having prepaid legal services through my union. My daughter’s father and I were in the middle of an almost 2 year (2007-2009) custody and child support battle. Ms. Cousins not only stepped in midway thru the case but she also had everything prepared for court. She was kind and caring but very professional. The judge even commended her on writing our custody order, which is still in effect. Ms. Cousins “rocked” in court, even my daughter’s father and his attorney were impressed. She had counter motions prepared and ready to be submitted if needed. Had to enlist her services again (in 2011) when my daughter’s father took me back to court again for changes to our visitation agreement. Again Ms. Cousins performance was outstanding, drafting our current visitation agreement and again being complemented by the judge. Ms. Cousins made me feel very comfortable, like a friend, she kept my daughter’s well being as the focal point but it is her professionalism, knowledge and tenacity as an attorney that I seek her for my legal needs. I highly recommend Ms. Racquel Cousins.

Every so often you need a good criminal lawyer

by cameron at Google

I agree with Sheryl about Ms. Cousins as a criminal attorney It’s no secret that every so often you need a good criminal lawyer to get you out of a jam, a divorce attorney to help clean up the mess, or family lawyers to help you figure out the next step. If this is what you’re looking for talk to Racquel Cousins law office. She has experience as a criminal attorney, a divorce attorney, she does family law (and family attorneys are sometimes hard to trust) and will help you out of the tough spot you’re in.

Excellent Lawyer!!!!!
by marilynmedina77 at Citysearch
Ms Cousins is an excellent lawyer. I had called several places for weeks and did not get the attention or good customer service service from staff until I called Ms Cousins law office. Cousins was very knowledgeable and took her time to explain the process of divorce proceedings and child custody to us. She is patient when explaining what needed to be done and while in court she was well prepared to defend her client. Cousins and her staff were available at all times if we had questions. It can be difficult to go through a divorce and child custody agreement, yet when the defendants side decided to change and fight against us, Ms Cousins fought back with her legal skills and helped us get exactly what we wanted out of this messy divorce. She was also willing to work out a reasonable payment plan which helped alleviate our stress. I will recommend anyone going through a divorce or needing help with child custody to go to Ms Cousins for for her expert advice. These other negative reviews I saw must be for someone else or they have an agenda because as a client, I can say that Ms. Cousins is the best attorney I’ve had and not even my previous divorce attorney that I hired in the past for another divorce case could compare. Thank you for all your help Ms Cousins!!!!!

Great Lawyer!!!! She is the best!!!!
by Devon Black at Citysearch
Ms. Cousins is an excellent attorney. I read the other reviews written below and I know that those reviews were not genuine and may even be a little personal and meant to hurt Ms. Cousins’ business. I know that there are alot of jealous people out there. Ms. Cousins helped me out of a very difficult situation. I was wrongly accused and not only that I was suspended from my job because of the arrest, this happened 2 years ago and Ms. Cousins was awesome in the way she represented me. Her litigation skills were top-notch and she sure as hell came to court prepared. Last year I retained her again to help with the deed transfer on some property I have and she was expeditious in handling those matters. In addition, she is now representing my sister in a custody case and my sister is very pleased with Ms. Cousins’ work. Her support staff is also amazing always there to answer any and all questions and to properly guide you along. I would say run, don’t walk to Ms’ Cousins’ law office, she is the best!!!!

Excellent Attorney
by Sheryl at YellowBot
Excellent Attorney
Definitely one of the best lawyers out there. Ms. Cousins is such a professional, and she actually cares about her clients. When my husband was arrested for a DWI, we were scared to death of the repercussions but Ms. Cousins knew exactly how to handle the case.

She was intuitive and extremely efficient. The case was handled in an expeditious matter and we were so thankful. Not only that, Ms. Cousins is a reasonably priced attorney, she was not expensive at all. We were so pleased with the outcome of my husband’s case. We highly recommend this lawyer

Excellent lawyer with the friendliest, most caring staff
by Samuel at CitySquares
Law Office Of Racquel Cousins Neil in Civic Center is an excellent lawyer with the friendliest, most caring staff. Very knowledgeable the specific areas of law that they practise. I highly recommend this lawyer, she is very competent. A true professional.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Thursday 8:30 - 7:00pm
Fridays 9:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday & Sunday Appointments Only

Successful Outcomes

Felony cases dismissed at Grand Jury
  • People v. D. Francis, 2009
  • People v. L. Parker, 2008
  • People v. J. Lenohan, 2006
Cases reduced from felonies to violations.
  • People v. John G., 2008
  • People v. Andrew W., 2009
Speedy Trial dismissals for Felonies
  • People v. Gary. G, 2007
  • People v. Saeed F., 2009
  • People v. William B., 2009
Won Custody Cases
  • White v. Whittaker, 2006
  • Batroni v. Mesidor, 2007
Got Visitation for Fathers
  • Boyce v. Boyce, 2009
  • Aboubacar v. Clerphon, 2008
Child Support Reductions
  • Delorme v. Delorme, 2009
  • Waite v. Boswell, 2009
Obtained Maintenance for Spouses
  • Layne v. Layne, 2007
Return of child to mother in child abuse proceeding
  • Gelin/Child v. Gelin, 2007